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Exam Appeals Process

Appeals Process for Multiple Choice Quizzes using Bus. Law Textbook


This is the process:


1. Once you take your quiz (online) - you will receive feedback on your score and the author's suggested answers, and sometimes comments on the correct answer.


2. If it appears to you that your answer is correct (and reasonable minds do differ), and if you disagree with any of the suggested correct answers, or have any questions, you file an appeal as follows:


Court of Appeals

You email your an online tutor in the class, and present your appeal. The appeal shall contain the following:


1. the original questions (with all of their respective answers) you appeal

2. any suggested correct answer, and author's comments

3. your answer

4. the page in the book which supports your answer

5. quote the language in your book which supports your argument, and finally

6. your argument.This makes your appeal more specific, and easier it to be reviewed on appeal.

You can appeal no more than 4 questions.  The online tutor shall respond within 7-10 days to your appeal.  


Once you receive a response from your online Tutor, this constitutes the Court of Appeals Answer, you can appeal it to the Supreme Court (i.e. Prof. J) if you disagree. Appeals must be taken in a "reasonable time". A reasonable time is 7 days from the date the quiz link expires (with quizzes), or 7 days from the date the assignment is graded by your professor in an on campus class (with written assignments). You can only appeal a maximum of four (4) questions per test.


Supreme Court

To appeal to Prof. J. send #1- #6 above , along with the Court of Appeals response to your appeal to Prof. Jordan at abogado@pacbell.net


You may clarify the appeals process with your Online Tutor or with Prof. Jordan


Thanks for your participation of the Appeals Process.



When requesting tutoring assistance or appealing quiz questions via email, please remember to:

1) Include in the subject line of your email include: course #/quiz # or assignment name

2) Send all questions for each quiz or assignment within one email

3) Include a reasonable timeframe in which you need assistance

4) Include your legal name

If not tutor is assigned to your class, you may choose any tutor from the list.


All of the tutors are excellent paralegal students.


Prof J.

updated: 1-2-10


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