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Online Tutoring Program

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Los Angeles Mission College Volunteer Paralegal Tutors


Mission: Volunteer tutors provide efficient and effective tutoring to our online paralegal students.


Tutors will have taken the class and received at least a grade of B or higher in the class. (most tutors have received an A in the class)


Tutors possess proven academic backgrounds, foster strong study habits and organization skills that help to provide academic guidance for students.


Objectives of Tutoring Program


1) Provide tutoring to help students achieve academic and program goals


2) Provide support to instructors by helping students improve legal skills and become active, independent learners


3) Provide our tutors an opportunity to strengthen legal skills through practical experience


Tutoring Program Requirements


1) Tutors are excellent and highly motivated students.


2) Tutors have taken and excelled in the classes they are tutoring. 


3) Tutors must respond to a student's request for tutoring assistance in a timely manner


4) Tutors are volunteers and are prohibited from receiving any form of compensation - from either instructors or students


5) Tutors are to act professionally and ethically at all times


6) Tutors should have reliable access to a computer


Tutoring Program Rules/Guidelines


1) Tutors are not to assume the role of the instructor. Work cooperatively with faculty whose courses you are tutoring. Tutors should always ask for instructor guidance if needed.


2) Tutors are not to complete assignments for the student. A tutor's role is to guide, explain, and assist.


3) Tutors are provided for our online paralegal students


4) Tutors should familiarize themselves with the instructor's classroom materials prior to the tutoring session and obtain prior approval regarding the use of any "outside" materials.


5) Tutors should communicate with students as often as possible. If a tutor is not available to assist a student, he or she should notify the instructor in a timely manner.


6) Tutors should respond to a student's request in a timely manner. Students should allow a minimum of 24 hours for a tutor to respond to a request.


7) Tutors should not be judgmental, condescending or respond to a student's negative remarks regarding an instructor, course or assignment. A tutor's job is to encourage, not discourage.


8)  Tutors should contact the instructor immediately regarding student issues (conduct, plagiarism, etc.)


Tutoring Session Guidelines


1) Instructors will assign a tutor to a particular course or student


2) The tutor will stay in regular contact with the students being tutored.


3) At the start of the tutoring session, tutors should assess what goal(s) the student would like to achieve from the course or assignment (grade, knowledge, etc.) and what materials the student has used to prepare for the assignment.


4) If a tutor cannot assist the student on a particular assignment/question, inform the student that you will research the item further and will get back to him/her in a timely manner.



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updated: 1-17-10


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